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Staying on Budget

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

If you’ve ever had to plan a wedding or planning one now; you may be confused, anxious, and stressed. This is all part of making your wedding day perfect.

For all of brides-to-be looking to plan their own wedding don’t take it lightly! Just know it’s a huge job.

You must stay on budget because you will find yourself having big Financial problems. Unless you’re millionaire, you will need to set a budget for your wedding. That’s not always as easy as it sounds. The Average wedding cost is starting at $25,000. Thats a lot of money right? The point is that no matter what your budget may be, you should try to stay as close to it as possible.

Write down your budget and Discuss every purchase with whomever is paying for your wedding.

Once your budget is set put that amount of money into a separate checking account. Using credit to pay for a wedding is not always a good idea. Check your balance after all purchases to ensure you’re staying on track.

If you want to purchase something that is not in your budget try to down size another purchase to compensate for it. If you can’t find anything to cut then you might just have to go without. But whatever you do, don’t charge it to your credit card!

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